Postgraduate Options

Applying for graduate programs in the US or Europe is more than a numbers game. There is the human element in the admissions process that is taken into consideration; the goals and achievements of the candidate, their academic and professional performance at all levels, essentially everything that makes the candidate stand out from the others.   

The months leading up to the application for a program, be it a Masters, MBA, LL.M., JD., or others, are extremely difficult, since the student has to deal with tests such as the GRE and GMAT, application essays, professional and academic letters of recommendation, and often maintain a full-time job at the same time. After the first phase, the weight of the application shifts to the interviews, where the student needs to demonstrate that they are even stronger candidates in real life than they are on paper. 

There are various postgraduate options and we will advise on those which are best for you.


A master’s candidate usually has up to 4 years of work experience. Many apply for the master’s degree while in the final or penultimate year of university in Brazil. Master’s degrees usually take about 9-12 months. Selection processes may involve the GRE or GMAT tests, dependending on the requirements of each institution.

Postgraduate Certificate

Some students opt to undertake a shorter graduate program, and a Postgraduate Certificate is equivalent to a shorter master’s degree. There are various options in the USA, the United Kingdom and other countries. Courses may range from 6-12 months and the selection process will generally be simpler than those for master’s or MBA programs.


A MBA candidate has at least 4 years of work experience. Selection processes involve the GRE or GMAT tests, and professional experience carries significant weight in securing a place. 

LL.M. x J.D.

If you are a lawyer and are considering a postgraduate program abroad, you can choose between the LL.M and J.D. (Juris Doctor). 

In the USA, Americans must have a degree in Law and have completed the J.D. in order to practice law as a professional. The J.D. is a course at undergraduate level that follows a first undergraduate degree and requires an admission test, the LSAT.

Brazilian students who wish to pursue a postgraduate degree in Law in the USA must have graduated in Law in Brazil. Most students select the LL.M. – a 12-15 month course that offers specialization in diverse areas of law.

We work with the support of legal experts, and our postgraduate candidates are accepted to the best Law programs in the world.


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