Summer Programs

Holiday programs and building a
stand-out CV

We work with young people from the age of 12 to develop fun plans that allow them to have new experiences during their July – August holidays (which is summertime in the Northern Hemisphere, where most of the programs are based). There are also fantastic options in the January holidays, from mini high school programs in California, to skiing and language-learning in Switzerland.  Strategic planning of how to enjoy the vacation helps each candidate to start developing their competitive CV early on.

Holiday experiences for younger students

Younger students can enjoy a typical USA summer camp where they will make new friends while playing sports and games, doing art and theatre, and roasting marshmallows over camp-fires. These camps are a wonderful opportunity to develop independence, develop English skills and make friends from around the world. 

Pre-college programs for 14+ year olds

Once we know the student better, we help him or her consider programs that will strengthen them as a candidate for university by adding knowledge and experience to their curriculum. Options include US pre-college courses at renowned institutions, specialized arts and sports camps, SAT preparation courses, as well as ultra-selective opportunities for a future in the sciences and humanities.

Internships and Work Experience

We encourage students to seek internships and work experience in their desired future areas of expertise whenever possible. We assist the candidate in managing this process with the parallel academic obligations in mind.

Volunteering and Community Service

In order to become a strong candidate for an undergraduate course abroad, especially those aiming to study at a university in the USA, it is important to stand out by presenting projects and research, as well as initiatives with which the candidate has engaged, either voluntarily or to further the candidate’s specific interests.

Civic engagement is highly valued not only by universities in the USA, but also by universities around the world, in addition to being an important form of personal development and contribution to society, regardless of each student’s academic trajectory.


Excellent opportunities for inspiring experiences