We help our students to achieve their dreams

Studying abroad is an aspiration for many Brazilians and the choice of course and institution is crucial throughout the admissions process. We review the academic performance and extracurricular activities of each student to develop an ideal list of colleges that will suit every individual.

To prepare you, we will help you to create the optimal candidate profile, and our results attest to the success of our consultancy and preparation. Not only do we gather each candidate’s information, but, mainly, we work on their potential, seeking to espouse their qualities, aptitudes and achievements, focused on their profile, academic performance and extracurricular projects. A university application requires more than just your academic track record, it includes a human element; your goals, achievements and personality.

Our approach is holistic and individualized. We work alongside schools, families and the prospective universities as partners for the benefit of each student.

As we have a thorough knowledge of the Brazilian curriculum and the curricula of an extensive number of universities abroad, we are able to detect the gaps that may weaken an application as it is perceived through the lens of foreign institutions, and help the candidate to fill them in.

For students currently studying in Brazil and wishing to transfer to universities abroad, we advise on the best options and guide you through the process, which will involve recommendation letters, a personal essay, development or improvement of your CV, and completing a large number of general application forms. Each university may or may not require additional tests.

We help students prepare for interviews and advise them on the best ways to show demonstrated interest to universities as well as present themselves in the best light

In the USA, we assist in the application process with Common App, University of California application, Texas Apply, Coalition, and other portals, and we have partnerships with excellent pathway programs with over 60 further universities.

In the UK, we guide students in the application process via UCAS or via foundation programs within each university.

In Holland, we advise students on the Studielink application and subsequent portals for each university.

In Canada, each university has a unique application system, such as the OUAC (for universities in the state of Ontario). This is the same for most European countries.

Our Portugal consultant, Isabel, who is based in Lisbon, advises students on the application process to Portuguese universities.

For students applying to a BFA or an artistic program that requires a portfolio, we have a network of portfolio tutors who will revise your work and assist in developing additional material where necessary.

We advise each student on their preparation for language tests such as TOEFL, IELTS and Duolingo, and aptitude tests, such as the SAT and ACT.

Some students are able to remain calm and natural during an interview, while others need to gain confidence. To assist you, we have prepared individual packages and workshops.

The last two years of high school are extremely important, whether the focus is on the Vestibular university exam, school grades, the SAT, extracurricular activities or university applications. During this period, it is exceptionally beneficial to have the guidance of an educational consultant.

Our students are accepted to a varied choice of their options, and our work continues until the moment in which they have made their decision about where to attend.


100% of students receive multiple offers


of students are admitted to one of their top 3 choices


of students are accepted to ivy league schools

+ US$ 4.5M

is awarded per year, on average, in merit scholarships